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Carmelina Moran Salazar

Ecuadorian activist in defense of women's human rights

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Carmelina Morán Salazar, a Kichwa woman from the Piava Chupa community, Cotacachi Canton, Imbabura Province of Ecuador, is a member of the UNORCAC Women's Central Committee and National Assembly of Popular and Diverse Women of Ecuador, and an activist in defense of women's human rights. Her professional experience is linked to social and organizational development, promotion of women's rights, food sovereignty, financial education and climate change. She has worked in international cooperation organizations such as the Xarxa de Consum Solidari, Entre Pueblos, CARE International in Ecuador, and UN Women, and most recently as a consultant for the World Bank. She has a degree in sustainable local development, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Gender, Societies and Politics at the Flacso Regional Program on Gender and Public Policies - Argentina.