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Carolina Vaira

Operations Analyst, WBIGV

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Carolina Vaira is a lawyer by training with over twelve years of professional experience  on international,  commercial and public  law, including  in connection with WB’s priority areas such as governance, anticorruption and rule of law. She joined the Bank in April 2006 and has focused her work on the design, implementation and evaluation of action learning programs that seek to develop anticorruption strategies at the national and sectoral levels.

Carolina has  worked on projects to improve judicial transparency, integrity and accountability as well as  on the design and delivery of capacity building programs on public prosecution of anticorruption cases in a very diverse group of countries encompassing two regions (LAC and Africa). Before joining the Bank ,  she was a public servant in the Argentine Government (at the  Ministries of the Economy and  Foreign Affairs), and worked as a legal consultant at the European Commission (DG Competititon), the WTO and UNCTAD.