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Casey Marenge

Executive Director

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Casey Marenge is the Founding and Executive Director of the Chariots of Destiny Organization (COD). This is an NGO based in Nairobi Kenya to amongst other aims advocate for road safety both in Kenya and Internationally! Casey Marenge-begun the Chariots of Destiny after she was involved in a tragic road crash that left her quadriplegic -- paralyzed from the shoulders down and a wheelchair user. The Chariots of Destiny has been involved in several road safety awareness advocacy campaigns not only in Kenya but internationally! Casey has represented the Make Roads Safe campaign as a youth ambassador in several avenues including at the General Assembly Road Safety debate in New York and the first global ministerial Road safety conference held in Moscow, Russia. Casey also participated at different Road Safety conference in several African countries as well as internationally. Most recently, the Chariots of Destiny Organization has received a commendation certificate under the Prince Michael of Kent award scheme in recognition of the organizations efforts in road safety.