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Chris Bennett

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Senior Transport Specialist

Chris Bennett is a Senior Transport Specialist working in the East Asia and Pacific region, based in the Sydney Australia office. Originally Canadian, New Zealand is now his adopted home. For over 20 years ,  Chris has worked in developed and developing countries in the area of highway engineering and asset management. He was Team Leader for the HDM-4 team developing technical models for predicting road user costs and pavement deterioration, and also developed the ROMDAS road data collection system. With a PhD in computer simulation of road networks, he has a strong IT interest, and has been involved in implementing computerized road asset management systems in a number of countries. He led the Bank effort at developing generic specifications for road management systems and data collection technologies. Chris' interests also extend to ITS, and he represents the Bank on several international ITS committees. Outside of work, Chris is a keen cyclist and triathlete, famous for taking his bike with him on Bank supervision missions. These activities are blogged at  .