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Chris Heymans

Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist

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Chris Heymans is a Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist at the World Bank in Africa. With a governance and political economy emphasis, he has worked in urban development, local governance and water and sanitation service delivery in several countries in Africa and South and East Asia. Currently based in Nairobi, he works in a number of African countries, focusing on service provider governance and service delivery reform.

Chris has led the development of the new World Bank report on Providing Water to Poor People in African Cities Effectively: Lessons from Utility Reforms, released in August 2016. This blog captures a few key findings and messages from the study. Chris was also Task Team Leader on a 2014 study into the experience of 8 water utilities/service providers in deploying prepaid meters as an instrument to improve access and the quality of water services to poor.