Claire Davanne, Social Development Consultant, Global Practice Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience, The World Bank Group in Washington, DC

Claire Davanne

Social Development Consultant, Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice, The World Bank Group

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As part of her mission as a Social Development Consultant for the World Bank Group, Claire has co-designed with stakeholders and is coordinating a development program to support social innovation and entrepreneurship by and for youth in the Middle East and North Africa region (i.e. peer to peer network of support, knowledge-sharing, capacity building, publicizing new narratives and igniting social entrepreneurship). In supporting the Participatory Budgeting Initiative in Kenya, Claire has drafted a Youth Engagement Strategy with actionable intelligence that includes community-centered design workshops to ease citizens engagement and institutional responsiveness of the decentralized governments. For the Global Practice Governance, she has contributed to compiling and editing civic tech research publications including Civic Tech in the Global South: Assessing Technology for the Public Good (World Bank, 2017) and Gender and Political Mobilization Online: Participation and Policy Success on a Global Petitioning Platform (ASH Center, 2017). Claire regularly conceptualizes and organizes international events (e.g. WB Spring Meetings events) and seminars series for raising awareness of the latest development trends, sharing knowledge of best practices and yields collaboration amongst practitioners and stakeholders. Prior roles include foreign affairs analysis for a member (D-NY) of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in Congress, the Embassy of France in the United States and the European Commission in Brussels. She graduated in European Public Affairs from Sciences Po Strasbourg, France in 2010.