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Cristina Navarrete Moreno

Private Sector Specialist

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Cristina Navarrete Moreno designs and implements innovation, entrepreneurship, and private sector development strategies, policies, and programs. She has supported World Bank Group operations in research, policy dialogue, project design, implementation, and institutional capacity-building, primarily on innovation and private sector development for inclusive and sustainable growth in Latin America, Europe and Central Asia, South Asia, and West Africa.  

Before joining the World Bank Group, Navarrete worked as an economist for the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation in Oran, Algeria, where she supervised programs on regional economic development in Western Algeria. Prior to that, she was adviser to Technopolis Group in Brussels, Belgium, focusing on comparative analyses and evaluations of innovation policies and practices across EU countries.

Grantee of the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Navarrete received a Master of Arts in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Management and Business Administration and a Master’s in Financial and Actuarial Science from Comillas Pontifical University in Madrid. She is also a Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation Global Program on Social Innovation.