Dahlia Khalifa

Dahlia Khalifa

Senior Manager

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Dahlia Khalifa is a Senior Manager, IFC Advisory Services, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank Group. Dahlia's expertise is in finance, investment, and private sector development. Following a career in investment banking and management consulting, she has been with the World Bank Group (WBG) since 2004. She is currently a Senior Manager for IFC advisory services in the Middle East and North Africa. The team Dahlia leads deliver development solutions that create markets to support private sector growth and job creation. Dahlia has also led initiatives focused on private sector solutions that empower youth with skills relevant to the market, and has strong expertise in business regulation benchmarking and regulatory reform. 

Prior to joining the WBG, Dahlia established and managed financial services companies providing brokerage, corporate finance, private equity investing, and management consulting services in the Middle East and Africa. She was also an instructor of undergraduate economics lecturing on economic development, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and comparative economics.

Dahlia holds a Ph.D in government from Georgetown University, an MA in international law from Georgetown University, and both an MA and BA in economics from the American University in Cairo.