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Darko Milutin

Disaster Risk Management Specialist

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Darko Milutin, a graduate in hydrology and water resources management engineering from Belgrade, Serbia, acquired his PhD degree in Environmental Sciences in Wageningen, the Netherlands. After a threeyear post as a research associate at a water resources management institute in Serbia he left the country to complete his PhD research in the Netherlands.

Most of his career he spent working in development cooperation, combined with academic teaching in the Netherlands and Serbia. His international experience stretches over more than 20 years, working as a consultant, team leader, project manager and head of unit at a private consulting firm in Germany.

Before starting as an STC for The World Bank’s Disaster Risk Management Team in Serbia in May 2015, he spent eight years as a door representative in Luxembourg bilateral development cooperation projects in Serbia and Montenegro. Since October 2016 Darko is stationed in Belgrade as a Disaster Risk Management Specialist. The main areas of his expertise are hydrology; flood modelling and management; water resources management; water master planning; reservoir operation; water resources systems analyses; disaster risk management.