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David Ehrhardt

Chief Executive Officer, Castalia

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David Ehrhardt is the Chief Executive Officer of Castalia, a consulting firm dedicated to improving infrastructure service delivery through innovative and practical solutions that meet both social and business goals. Qualified in law and economics, Mr. Ehrhardt has 25 years’ professional experience in private participation and regulation in the water, electricity, telecommunications, and transport sectors globally. Prior to joining Castalia, Mr. Ehrhardt worked as a Regulatory Economist at the New Zealand Treasury, and held positions at London Economics and Azurix.

Mr. Ehrhardt is an author of numerous World Bank publications including “Explanatory Notes on Water Regulation”, and “Deterring Corruption and Improving Governance in the Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Sector: A Sourcebook”. He also authored chapters on risk allocation, contract design, and regulatory and subsidy design for “Approaches to Private Participation in Water: A Toolkit”.