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Dora N. Cudjoe

Senior Operations Officer

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Dora Cudjoe, a Senior Operations Officer joined the Bank in 2007 as a Young Professional. She was a key player in fashioning the Climate Investment Funds from 2007-2009. She joined the South Asia Region to support climate financed interventions; develop the portfolio on forests and nature based tourism; mainstream biodiversity in roads infrastructure; promote cross-regional knowledge exchange between Africa Region (Ghana); EAP (Indonesia) and South Asia (India) on environment performance rating in cleaner production. Managing the Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy program portfolio for Sudan, Dora is keen on harnessing the natural resources assets to address poverty, gender, conflicts and fragility, and climate risks. She advocates for inclusive and transparent use of climate funds in her new role with the CIF. She holds a Master of Environment Management degree from the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.