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Elizabeth M. White is Senior Strategy Officer and Program Manager for the Africa Catalytic Growth Fund in the Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region, World Bank. Previously she worked in the World Bank's Operations Policy and Country Services Vice Presidency on the introduction of the Results Agenda to the World Bank and development of an international partnership on managing for results. She has worked with a number of Governments and teams in making an outcome based approach operationally relevant to achieve results.

Prior to joining the Bank, Ms. White was an advisor to a number of development agencies on outcome based strategy and management, where her work covered Africa, Latin America, East Asia, and South Asia, as well as at the State Level Government in the United States. Ms. White also has experience in the private sector (Egypt, Brazil, and US), where she launched three successful businesses - both domestic and international (computer software industry and consumer products industry). In addition, she served as a management consultant for multinational corporations as well as small business enterprises, and as a faculty member for the American Management Association. Her academic background includes economics, engineering, and an MBA in international strategy and business.

Contact Information:[email protected]

Recent Publications

Rodriguez-Garcia, R.; White, E.; Terme, R.Timor-Leste: Managing for Results in a Fragile Postconflict Setting in MfDR Principles in Action: Sourcebook on Emerging Good Practices, Washington, DC: The World Bank, 2005.

Rodriguez-Garcia, R.; White, E.; and R. Balasundaram "Results Reporting"in Sustainable Development Law & Policy, Fall 2006.

Kusek, J.; Rist, R.; and E. M. White    How Will We Know the Millennium Development Goal Results When We See Them?: Building a Results-based Monitoring and Evaluation System to Give Us the AnswersEvaluation. 2005; 11: 7-26.

White, E. and R. Rodriguez-Garcia,  Self Assessments for Development Practioners. Available at http://www.ebookmall.com/ebooks/self-assessment-in-managing-for-results-conducting-self-assessment-for-development-practitioners-rodriguez-garcia-white-ebooks.htm.

Rodriguez-Garcia, R. and E. White. "La Orientacion Hacia la Consecucion de Resultados" in E. Echart, L. Puerto, and J. Sotillo (eds)  Globalizacion, Pobreza Y Desarollo. Los retos de la cooperacion internacional, Madrid: Catarata, 2005.