Emiko Todoroki

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Financial Market Integrity Unit, Financial and Private Sector Vice-Presidency, World Bank

Ms. Emiko Todoroki is a Senior Financial Sector Specialist in the Financial Market Integrity Unit of the Financial and Private Sector Vice-Presidency of the World Bank. Ms. Todoroki leads the unit’s work on remittances; provides technical assistance to client countries with regards to developing an appropriate oversight mechanism for remittance service providers; undertakes assessment of countries on remittances vis-à-vis international standards; and presents her findings in international meetings and conferences.She has authored and provided comments on many work related to remittance and mobile phone financial services. She is one of key staff in advancing the agenda of financial inclusion and integrity of remittance transfers.

Prior to the current work, Ms. Todoroki worked on a range of financial and private sector development issues at the World Bank including capital markets development, corporate governance, banking sector reform, governance in the financial sector and access to finance. Before joining the World Bank, Ms. Todoroki worked in the private sector dealing with business ventures, futures market data, and financial market analysis. Ms. Todoroki holds a Master’s degree in international finance and economics in the US and a bachelors degree from Japan and UK, undertook a post graduate study on finance and economics in the Netherlands.