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Emily Brearley

Education and Gender Specialist

A specialist in the World Bank’s Education unit, Emily Brearley has worked on equity, including social protection, gender and rural livelihoods. She is currently working on a study on academic resilience in post-conflict situations. At both the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, she has designed, implemented and evaluated projects to help rural communities – particularly women – to improve and diversify their incomes. She has also conducted economic analysis to help rural communities deal with issues such as food security and climate change; and to make the most of trade deals like CAFTA-DR. Ms. Brearley recently completed her PhD at the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies, where her doctoral thesis explored the political economy of conditional cash transfers in Latin America. She also holds a Masters Degree in International Development from Johns Hopkins, which was fully funded by a Fulbright scholarship. Prior to working in development, Emily worked as a Journalist for the Guardian newspaper and reported on human rights issues from Peru, Argentina and Chile. She is a passionate believer that women’s education and employment is the most important development issue of our time.