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GARY MILANTE came to the World Bank in 2003 as a researcher, focusing on the causes and impacts of conflict and fragility as well as on effective post-conflict recovery. His interests are in applied game theory and modeling the political economy of peaceful compromise. Before joining the WDR 2011 team, Gary held a joint position in the Development Economics Research Group and the Bank’s Fragile and Conflict Affected Countries Group. He led the Bank’s "Peace and Development" research project focusing on successful post-conflict economic recovery through effective powersharing arrangements, political systems and macroeconomic policy. He has conducted research in Sudan and has recently written on the upcoming referendum. Additionally, he manages research projects on landmines and geography of conflict data, has written on the "Arab Democracy Deficit" and was a guest editor for a special edition on post-conflict transitions for the Journal of Peace Research.

Gary has taught the World Bank's core course on fragility and conflict for internal and external audiences and leads the "Carana" post-conflict recovery simulation exercise for the course. He received his PhD in economics from the University of California at Irvine.