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Georgia-Christina Kosmidou

Consultant, World Bank

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Georgia-Christina (Gina) Kosmidou is a consultant with the World Bank’s Poverty Global Practice and her work focuses in Francophone West Africa. Since joining the World Bank, Gina has provided research assistance for the drafting of three Systematic Country Diagnostics in the region. Prior to this position Gina worked on internal market, as well as economic sanctions issues at the European Union.  She holds a master’s degree in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and an L.L.M. on International and European Law from the Law School of Athens. Her academic interests include the interplay between security and development in fragile environments, behavioral economics and poverty reduction through behavioral change, as well as migration. Gina is also the published author of academic papers on the “(Dis)respect for the European Foundational Value of Democracy: the Enforcement Capacities of the European Court of Justice” and on “The Transposition of the Common Electoral Rules for the European Parliament into National Legislation in Greece” and a collection of poems. Finally, Gina is passionate about volunteerism.