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Georgia Harley

Senior Strategy Officer, International Development Association (IDA)

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Georgia Harley is a Senior Strategy Officer for the International Development Association (IDA) team in the Development Finance Vice Presidency of the World Bank.  She currently leads the IDA Regional Window and is focal point for IDA’s work on Climate Change.  Previously, she was co-lead for the IDA19 Replenishment Report and led the design and implementation of the IDA Fragility, Conflict and Violence Envelope and the IDA Window for Host Communities and Refugees. Prior to joining the IDA team, Ms. Harley was a Senior Governance Specialist in the Global Governance Practice, working in Europe and Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. She graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Arts and Laws (Honours), from the Australian National University with a Masters of Law, and from Duke University with a Masters in Economic Development Policy.