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Glenn-Marie Lange

Senior Environmental Economist

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Dr. Glenn-Marie Lange is a Senior Environmental Economist and Chief Technical Advisory for the World Bank’s program on Natural Capital Accounting currently operating in 8 countries worldwide.  She is leading the new World Bank flagship The Changing Wealth of Nations 2017, which will estimate comprehensive wealth--produced capital, natural capital, human capital, and net foreign assets-- for 140 countries over the period 1995-2014. She has worked on marine and coastal ecosystem management, including developed a Guidance manual with The Nature Conservancy on valuing the coastal protection services of mangroves and coral reefs. This work builds on earlier work funded by her Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation (2006) on valuation of coastal ecosystems in Zanzibar to understand the distribution of benefits among different stakeholders, the (dis)incentives this created for sustainable management, and ways to improve the incentive structure. Dr. Lange is also leading a cross-disciplinary program to promote the use of nature-based solutions for disaster risk management, water resources and landscape management. Dr. Lange joined the World Bank in 2009, coming from the Earth Institute at Columbia University (2004-2008) and the Institute for Economic Analysis at New York University (1985-2004). She received a Ph.D. in economics from New York University in 1990.