Gustavo Saltiel, Global Lead for Water Supply and Sanitation

Gustavo Saltiel

Global Lead for Water Supply and Sanitation, World Bank

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Gustavo Saltiel is the Global Lead for Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) and leads the WSS Global Solutions Group (GSG), which works to achieve universal access to safe, resilient, and sustainable water supply and sanitation services. Gustavo has more than 30 years of experience in the Water and Sustainable Development Sectors. Among his many responsibilities, he was the General Manager of Aguas Bonaerenses (Argentina), the State Owned Water Utility serving 2.5 million inhabitants in 70 localities in the Province of Buenos Aires. Previously, he had been Head of Planning and Regulatory Affairs of Azurix, the water and sewerage services concessionaire in the Province of Buenos Aires and Manager of the Quality of Service Department of ETOSS (Buenos Aires Water and Sewerage Services Regulatory Agency).
He joined the World Bank in 2003 as Senior Water Engineer in the Latin America Region. He was then appointed as Sector Leader for Sustainable Development in Mexico and more recently, Program Manager in the Africa Region, leading the Nile Basin and Cooperation in International Waters programs, as well as the Water Program in Kenya and the “mega” Rural Sanitation Program for Results in Egypt.