Homero A. Paltan

Homero Paltan


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Homero is interested in the analysis and management of risks and uncertainties which may affect infrastructure and water-dependent systems. This also relates to understanding how shocks and slow-onset events, such as floods or droughts, globally impact and propagate. Homero works for the World Bank and has previous experience working for UNOPS, IADB, WWF and other government institutions and private-sector clients offering technical assistance in hydroclimatic risk assessment and adaptation, infrastructure planning, and robust decision making, in the water, energy, agriculture, and transport sectors. He has expertise in refining and applying modelling, observational, re-analysis, and qualitative tools to combine traditional top-down with bottom-up approaches to analyse trade-offs in infrastructure investments and resilience building under deep uncertain conditions stemming from climate, natural hazards, demand, social, economic and others. His international experience covers countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Angola, Uganda, Kenya, Nepal, Oman, and others.

Homero completed his DPhil in 2018 at the School of Geography and the Environment working on sensitives of global water risks to climate variations. His DPhil counted with the collaboration of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and his work has been featured by The Washington Post, Die Welt, Science & Vie, NASA News, and others.