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Husein Abdul-Hamid

Senior Education Specialist

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Husein Abdul-Hamid is a Senior Education Specialist and the Education Statistics Coordinator at the World Bank. He works on global engagements such as data for learning and the education flagship initiative “Systems Approach for Better Education Results”. He manages education lending operations with focus on education system reform, data systems, education in fragile contexts and learning in the face of adversity. His professional career includes international development, academia, and government.

He has more than 25 years of experience in the following areas of education: teaching, education system reform, data analytics and strategic planning, system intelligence, institutional effectiveness and system accountability, equality in education and analysis of learning outcomes.  

Before joining the World Bank, Husein  was a Senior Administrator and Professor of Management at University of Maryland in the United States. During his tenure at Maryland, he led pioneer research on institutional effectiveness, instructions and policies in relation to e-learning and adult education. Husein holds a Ph.D. degree in Statistics. His recent books include: Data for Learning: Building a Smart Education Data system, From Compliance to Learning, Lessons Learned from World Bank Education Management Information System Operations, and Learning in the Face of Adversity.