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Ibrahim Sirkeci

Professor of Transnational Studies and Marketing, Regent's College, United Kingdom

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Ibrahim Sirkeci is Ria Professor of Transnational Studies & Marketing and Director of Centre for Transnational Studies at Regent’s University London (http://www.regents.ac.uk/rcts). Ibrahim Sirkeci received his Ph.D. in Geography in 2003 from the University of Sheffield. Before joining the European Business School London in 2005, he worked at the University of Bristol.
His migration research journey started two decades ago with the International Migration Survey headed by NIDI. His main areas of expertise are remittances, integration, conflict, labour markets, minorities, and segmentation. Sirkeci is known for his extensive work on insecurity and human mobility as well as his conceptual work on culture of migration and conflict model. He has also coined the term “transnational mobile consumers” as he examines connected consumers and the role of mobility in consumer behavior within a transnational marketing context. Sirkeci conducted research in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Iraq, Romania, and Norway. His recent research on remittances has been sponsored by Ria Financial. He has also secured external research funding from other organisations including the World Bank, EU, and British Academy.
He is the editor of Migration Letters journal (http://tplondon.com/migratonletters) and Remittances Review (http://tplondon.com/rem). His recent books include Conflict, Security and Mobility (2016, with Cohen and Yazgan), Turkish Migration, Identity and Integration (2015, with Seker and Caglar), Transnational Marketing and Transnational Consumers (2013), Migration and Remittances during the Global Financial Crisis and Beyond (2012, with Cohen and Ratha), and Cultures of Migration, the global nature of contemporary mobility (2011, with Cohen) which was named 'Outstanding Academic Title' by Choice magazine in the USA. He is a frequent speaker on migration, conflict, and integration and delivered over 150 speeches in Europe, North America and beyond.
Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci can be contacted at sirkecii@regents.ac.uk and @isirkeci