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John Kunze

Vice President, Global Consumer Product and Xoom, PayPal

John Kunze brings in-depth knowledge of global payments technology to PayPal. As head of Global Consumer Products and Xoom, John upholds PayPal’s global consumer product vision for hundreds of millions of customers, in more than 200 markets around the world. John leads an international team charged with deploying and operating consumer products and commercial strategies for PayPal’s products and portfolio brands, including oversight of Xoom. Xoom makes it easier, faster, and more secure for people to send money to loved ones abroad, which is important to PayPal’s strategic vision to make the movement and management of money work better for people.

John Kunze came to PayPal with the acquisition of Xoom in November 2015. As President and CEO of Xoom, he and his team built one of the most innovative platforms in the digital money transfer and remittance space, with the majority of transactions taking place on a mobile device. Xoom helps more than 1.5 million customers to send money to and pay bills for family and friends in 56 countries including China, India, Pakistan, Mexico and the Philippines, in a secure, safe, fast and a cost-effective way. Xoom’s established direct connections to more than 80 disbursement partners in receiving countries ensure speed and security of funds out, and its bill pay and mobile reload services offer enhanced customer experiences.

John Kunze joined Xoom as a director in 2004 and was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Xoom in 2006. Prior to Xoom, John was President, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Plumtree Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise software solutions, until they were acquired by BEA Systems, Inc. in 2005. Before he joined Plumtree in 1998, John worked at Adobe Systems Inc. in a variety of product roles. John holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania.