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Jorge Barbosa

Blue economy specialist

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As a refugee of conflict forcefully displaced from Colombia in the 1990s and becoming naturalized in the U.S., Jorge is empowered and motivated to work towards the sustainable management and use of our ocean resources.  Jorge is a marine scientist with a Masters in Environmental Sciences from Yale University and with a decade of professional experience in program management, investment and policy on sustainable development issues related to our ocean and its linkages with climate change. Jorge served as an oceans advisor to ambassadors of the Pacific Small Islands Developing States (PSIDS), where he made significant contributions to the negotiations and drafting of the original SDG 14 concept note in 2013. With a personal stake in the SDGs, Jorge continues dedicating his career to the ocean contributing to the Bank’s growing portfolio in the Blue Economy. Jorge is equally passionate about youth’s role in shaping the solutions, policy, and investments that will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and towards forging a prosperous future.