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Khuram Farooq

Senior Financial Management Specialist

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Khuram Farooq is Senior Financial Management Specialist, Africa Region, since February 2014. Prior to taking this role, he worked as consultant for the World Bank, IMF and DFID during 2012-2014.
Prior to this, he joined the Bank as Program Manager, HRMIS, HRVP, World Bank Group in December 2008.

Before joining the Bank, he worked in the civil service of Pakistan. He oversaw the implementation of PFM reforms in Pakistan as Director, Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA), from 2001-2008. During this period, he managed, among others, the implementation of SAP based IFMIS for the federal, four provincial and 127 district governments in Pakistan. During this project, he also implemented payroll of 2.25 million employees.
Currently, he works on treasury systems, budgeting, IFMIS, HRMIS, and financial reporting reforms in Africa, South Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Khuram Farooq holds an MBA in MIS from The University of Hull, UK, and post-graduate diploma in Public Financial Management, from the University of London.