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Krishnan Sharma

Senior Economic Affairs Officer, Financing for Development Office of the United Nations

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Krishnan Sharma is a Senior Economic Affairs Officer in the Financing for Development Office of the United Nations.  He specializes in issues pertaining to private capital flows to developing countries (including those relating to foreign direct investment, portfolio flows, remittances, diaspora investments, financial market instruments and long-term investment).  Mr. Sharma is also the main focal point in the Financing for Development Office for engaging with the international business sector and played an important role in facilitating private sector participation in major intergovernmental meetings on financing for development. Mr. Sharma has published papers and books on a range of topics including public private partnerships, corporate bond market development in Southeast Asia, entrepreneurship, GDP-linked bonds, remittances and the development potential of diasporas. He has also written critiques and proposals pertaining to the prevailing architecture of global economic governance. Before joining the United Nations in 1996, Mr. Sharma worked in the City of London. He was a Senior Economist at the Henley Centre for Forecasting and later an Economic Adviser at Old Mutual Asset Managers.  He holds a Masters Degree in Development Economics from the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.