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Laurent Gonnet

Lead Financial Sector Specialist, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice

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After a 10-year experience at the Banque de France as on-site and off-site supervisor, M. Gonnet joined the World Bank in 2007 as Financial Sector Specialist.
He is leading the policy dialogue with several monetary and financial authorities across the region and contributing to the implementation of several reforms in the banking sectors. He is notably in charge of reforms implemented by Central Banks in West Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria and Tunisia. In those countries, M. Gonnet led several analytical works (FSAPs, real estate financing, financial stability, financial intermediation) and technical assistance (stress tests, crisis preparedness exercises, banking supervision, etc.).
M. Gonnet is graduated from the Economic Science University of Montpellier, the Political Science University of Montpellier and the Business School of Montpellier.