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Leigh A. Payne

Professor of Sociology and Latin America, University of Oxford

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Leigh A. Payne is Professor of Sociology and Latin America at the University of Oxford, St Antony's College. She is currently working on several projects related to her research focus on responses to past atrocity. Together with Gabriel Pereira and Laura Bernal Bermúdez, she has a forthcoming book (Cambridge University Press) on corporate accountability and transitional justice. Building on her book on confessions of perpetrators of state violence, Unsettling Accounts (Duke University Press), she is working on a new project on confessions to past violence by the armed revolutionary left (Left Unsettled). With support from the Newton Fund for research in Mexico and Brazil, she is working on a project on contemporary disappearances in countries that have transitioned from authoritarian rule and armed conflict. In addition to the Newton Fund, she gratefully acknowledges the support for these projects from the University of Minnestoa Human Rights Program (where she is a senior researcher), ESRC, AHRC, the British Academy, Leverhulme, and the Open Society Foundation.