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Levent Altan

Executive Director, Victim Support Europe

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Levent Altan began his career in the UK Ministry of Justice before spending three years in the European Commission working on European criminal law. He followed this experience with two years in the Cabinet Office working for Prime Ministers Blair and Brown on European Justice and Home Affairs Issues before moving on to help in the development of the UK’s Border control strategy.

In 2009, Levent joined the European Commission as a national expert tasked with writing a new EU Directive on victims rights. Over the next three years, he developed the European Union’s policy on victims rights, leading the development and negotiation of the EU Directive which establishes minimum rights for victims in 27 Countries across Europe.

Following a two year stint leading a Justice and Home Affairs team in a European Consultancy, Levent returned to the victims world in 2014 as Executive Directive of Victim Support Europe – the leading European Victim Advocacy Network. For the last two years, he has been leading the organisation in its work to helping establish and improve victims support services in Europe, develop better cross-border support services, establish training programmes for practitioners, develop new victims policies and advocate on behalf of all victims. Levent regular provides lectures and presentations around Europe on victims rights, policies and support mechanisms.