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M. Nicolas J. Firzli

Director-General & Head of Research of the World Pensions Council

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M. Nicolas J. Firzli is Director-General and Head of Research of the World Pensions Council (WPC), an international association of public and private retirement institutions, Co-Chair of the World Pensions Forum (WPiF) and Advisory Board Member for the World Bank Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF).
He has worked with public and private pension funds, insurance companies, social security institutions, government agencies (at both federal and state/municipal levels), trade unions and labor organizations in more than 30 different jurisdictions in the past 18 years.
Mr. Firzli is an alumnus of Canada’s McGill University (BA Stat./Econ.), the Paris Descartes Law School (LL.M.), the HEC School of Management (MBA) and attended the Doctoral School of Economics and Management at Louvain University in Belgium. His research relies primarily on a multidisciplinary approach to asset ownership analysis integrating financial theory, fiduciary law and development economics.