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Madhu Raghunath

Madhu Raghunath, Senior Urban Specialist at the World Bank

Madhu Raghunath is a Senior Urban Specialist based in Hanoi, Vietnam, coordinating the World Bank’s Program in the Urban Development and Disaster Risk Management sectors. She joined the Bank Group in 2002 and over the past ten years has been leading a range of World Bank operations and Analytical work in the fields of Urban Upgrading, Municipal Finance and Management, Land Management, Disaster Risk Management, Urbanization strategies, Urban transport and Decentralization. Prior to joining the Vietnam office, Madhu was based in Washington DC focusing on the Middle East and North Africa region and has contributed to the global urban engagements. Previously Madhu has worked for the AFL-CIO and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Ms. Raghunath has a Master’s in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.