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Mahyar Eshragh Tabary

Statistical Officer

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Mahyar Eshragh-Tabary is a statistical officer in the Development Economics Data Group of the World Bank. She works on the environment and economy sections of the World Development Indicators (WDI). She is responsible for preparation and management of the data for environment, agriculture, water, and energy indicators in the WDI database, the World Bank Open Data site, and other related products. She is also the regional coordinator of the national account statistics for Latin America & the Caribbean countries. She is the main author of the environment section of the World Development Indicators and Atlas of Global Development. Ms. Eshragh-Tabary has worked in various positions for the World Bank for the last 23 years. She holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Decision Systems from George Washington University, a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Oregon, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics from National University of Iran. Prior to joining the Bank, she taught statistical modeling and regression analysis, finance, and calculus at the School of Government and Business Administration of the George Washington University.