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Marcus J. Wishart

Lead Water Resource Specialist for China

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Marcus Wishart is the World Bank’s Lead Water Resource Specialist for China, based in Beijing. He works at the nexus of water and the environment, energy, agriculture and the urban agenda, with experience across East Asia and the Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. He has worked with a range of clients in the public and private sector on large hydraulic infrastructure projects, irrigation and smallholder development, water supply and sanitation solutions, developing integrated approaches to river basin management along with institutional and policy issues related to transboundary waters.

Dr. Wishart has led a number of global and country level analytical programs, publishing widely on a range of water related topics. He holds a PhD from Griffith University in Australia, an MSc from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and a BSc with Honours from the University of Adelaide. His work in China is focused on supporting innovative approaches to river basin development, improving environmental management and developing methods for the valuation of water in an era of ecological civilization.