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Social Development Specialist

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Ms. Mariana T. Felicio is a Senior Social Development Specialist for the World Bank’s Latin America and the Caribbean Region (LCR) currently leading operations in the area social inclusion of indigenous peoples and afro-descendants.  In LCR she has led work on post conflict and social integration in Colombia, Venezuelan migration impacts in host countries, gender-based violence prevention, and crime and violence prevention in Central America.  Prior to joining LCR, she worked for ten years in the Middle East and North Africa Region where she led analytical work around women’s economic empowerment and led policy dialogue to support Country Management teams re-engage with clients after the Arab Spring.  Prior to joining the World Bank, Mariana worked to establish a trade network between Latin America and Asia Pacific at the Interamerican Development Bank and collaborated with the Ford Foundation on Civil Society Networks in Latin America Project.  She holds a Master’s degree in Development Management and Public Policy from Georgetown University, a Post-Graduate degree in Regional Integration Processes, MERCOSUR from the University of Buenos Aires, and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Wellesley College.