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Mariano Montano

PhD, Chemical Engineer

Ph. D., Master of Business Administration, Chemical Engineer.· Lipidology: food and feed; omega 3 fatty acids. · Development of forest: Forests Trust Rights. · Environmental consultant. · Projects. Preparation and management: "Implementation of the symbiosis between Diazotroph Azolla and Anabaena as green manure in rice cultivation in the Ecuadorian Littoral" "Inventory of emissions of dioxins and furans (D & F) in Ecuador (Director), GET/2732-02-4456 project, Global Environmental Facility (GEF) / Ministry of Environment of Ecuador-National Integrated Program for the sound management of chemicals chemical. 2003” "Establishment of the residues of fungicides (triazoles and estrobirulinas) in banana leaves and fruit depending on the cycles of plant health applications". Participation in Fair ESPOL Science Prototype- ESPOL Science 2002 - implementation of the Azolla-Anabaena as green manure for rice cultivation. Prototype- ESPOL Science 2005 - System-Rice Azolla in the production of organic rice.