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Mark Roberts

Senior Urban Economist

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Mark Roberts is a senior economist with the Urban, Resilience and Land Global Practice of the World Bank. Prior to joining the World Bank, Mark was a lecturer in spatial economics at the University of Cambridge. Mark has published widely in leading peer-reviewed journals on the topic of spatial economic development and is a former coeditor of the journal Spatial Economic Analysis. He is coauthor of the World Bank’s South Asia Region Flagship Report, Leveraging Urbanization in South Asia, its Latin America and Caribbean Flagship Report, Raising the Bar for Productive Cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, and its Indonesia Urbanization Flagship report, Time to ACT: Realizing Indonesia’s Urban Potential. He has also worked on both the Europe and Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa regions, and acts as an advisor to Work Bank teams working on the analysis of processes of urban and spatial development. Mark holds a PhD in land economy and an MA in economics from the University of Cambridge as well as an MS in economics from Warwick University.