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Martim Smolka

Senior Fellow and Director, Latin American and the Caribbean Program; Co-Chairman, International Department; Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

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Martim Smolka is an economist graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (1971), M.A. and Ph.D. in Regional Science from the University of Pennsylvania, 1980.  Author of publications on the functioning of urban land markets and in particular informal land markets and regularization policies, on intra-urban structuring and the dynamics of property markets in Latin American cities and on land based tools to finance urban development including improvements of existing property tax systems.
As director (since 1995) of the Lincoln Institute's Latin American Program, he directs research and educational programs on issues relating to land markets and land policies. Smolka, developed (and lectured in) inumerous educational programs for high-level public officials, members of the academia, NGOs leaders and other professionals, over the last twenty years throughout Latin America.  He was an associate professor (now retired) at the Urban and Regional Research and Planning Institute (IPPUR) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.  He co-founder and presided for 2 terms the Brazilian National Association for Research and Graduate Studies on Urban and Regional Planning (ANPUR), and was a Fellow at the Brazilian National Council for Research (CNPq).