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Maryla Maliszewska

Senior Economist

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Maryla Maliszewska is a Senior Economist in the Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Global Practice of the World Bank Group. Her area of expertise covers various aspects of trade policy and regional integration with a special focus on the impacts of trade on poverty and income distribution. She specializes in global analyzes of structural and demographic change, as well as trade policy using computable general equilibrium models. She contributed analyses underlying several World Bank reports and publications: “China 2030”, Global Monitoring Report, Global Development Horizons and Global Economic Prospects. She joined the World Bank in 2010. Prior to this she was a Research Fellow at the Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw, Poland, where she led several FTA feasibility studies for the DG Trade and conducted research on EU trade policy, non-tariff barriers and modeling of trade flows and an advisor to the National Bank of Romania forecasting trade flows. She holds a PhD from the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK and M.A. in Economics from Sussex, UK and Warsaw University, Poland.