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Melis Guven

Senior Social Protection Economist

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Melis Guven is a Senior Social Protection Economist in the World Bank’s Africa Region. Melis focuses on safety nets and pensions and is the focal point and technical lead on pensions for the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice in the region. She has led or been a key member of teams working on a number of countries in the region including Benin, Botswana, Kenya Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda and Seychelles. Prior to joining the Africa Region, she worked on a broad range of pension and safety net issues in Albania, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, and Turkey. Previously, Melis worked for the Turkish government (the Turkish Treasury) and was a core member of the health and pension reform team in Turkey. As a result, she has in-depth understanding of decision making and prioritization in governments. Her recent work also focuses on extending social insurance coverage to informal sector workers as well as social protection delivery systems in the Africa Region.