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Michael Wild is a survey and sampling expert in the Survey Unit of the Development Data Group (DEC-DG), at The World Bank. He has joined the unit in 2014, whilst still holding a tenure track position at the Department for Social Statistics and Demography at the University of Southampton, UK. Before that he has worked as an adviser and senior adviser in several statistical agencies in developing and transition countries.

His main research interest is on Data quality in official statistics in developing countries as well as the promotion of evidence based policy making.

Current research focuses on new ways of data collection, the use of Big and Remote Sensing Data in official statistics as well as innovative sampling methods. Besides the applied nature of his research, his emphasize is on making the results of this research available to statisticians in developing countries, by programming SPAs (Special Purpose Applications) mostly in R’s shiny framework as well as by long term capacity building initiatives. For any questions on the latter, please feel free to get personally in touch with him.