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Monica Alina Mustra

Trade Facilitation and Logistics Specialist, GFP Coordinator, International Trade Department

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Mrs. Mustra joined the World Bank in 2004 and has worked on a number of major trade and transport facilitation and logistics related projects, knowledge and learning products, including the organization of policy dialogues, workshops, seminars, and distance learning courses. She is leading the “Logistics Performance Indicators (LPI)” project (, and is the lead author for the “Connecting to Compete ¬– Trade Logistics in the Global Economy – The Logistics Performance Index and its Indicators” reports (2007, 2010 editions). Most recently, she contributed as lead author to the “Trade and Transport Facilitation Assessment - A Practical Guide for Country Implementation.” She is currently acting as the Coordinator for the Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade (GFP) (, a network of over 250 public and private partners, and more than a thousand subscribed trade facilitation professionals worldwide. Prior to joining the World Bank she worked for the Harvard Center for International Development (CID), the European Commission, and the Romanian Ministry of Finance. She holds a Masters in Mathematics and Information Technology from University of Craiova, Romania, a 1-year Certificate in International Tax Policy and Administration from Harvard Law School, and a 2-year Masters Degree in Public Administration from John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.