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Nadia Sharmin

Environmental Specialist

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Nadia Sharmin is an Environment Specialist of Urban, Rural & Social Development – GP, World Bank for the Bangladesh. She is responsible for managing Community Climate Change Project which supports the adaptation practices to the climate change vulnerable low income community. Nadia is also ensuring environmental safeguard management for water, disaster risk management and education sector projects. Prior to joining the Bank, Nadia was engaged in research and teaching in environmental engineering & science in Bangladesh and abroad. She has a number of publications in international journals on groundwater and soil contamination. Nadia completed her PhD in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Geo- environmental engineering from North Carolina State University, USA. She completed her Bachelors and Masters in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental engineering from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. She obtained her E.I.T (Engineer in Training) license from North Carolina State Licensing Board.