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Nataliya Mylenko

Program Leader

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Ms. Mylenko is leading World Bank’s engagement in Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan in the areas of macroeconomic policy, financial and private sector development, governance and poverty reduction based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Before she was based in East Asia region and focused on financial sector topics in the Philippines as well as worked on financial sector reform in Myanmar, SME finance policy in Malaysia, and financial inclusion and community development in Indonesia.  Ms. Mylenko is the lead author of the number of the World Bank Group reports including Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy: Oversight Frameworks and Practices in 114 countries, and Financial Access 2009 and 2010 reports, introducing for the first time indicators of financial access in 140 countries and providing analysis of the trends in financial access policies.   Over the past two decades she has worked on a range of financial and private sector development issues in the World Bank, IFC and IMF in over 50 countries.