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Nicolas Perrin

Lead Social Development Specialist

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Nicolas Perrin works as Lead Social Development Specialist in the Africa and Europe Central Asia regions at the World Bank in Washington. He joined the Bank in 2003 and has worked across the globe on a large number of projects.  His work has focused on citizen engagement, local governance and local economic development.  He is currently coordinating the citizen engagement mainstreaming activities under the Citizen Engagement secretariat.  The role of the secretariat is to provide leadership and support to the various aspects of the CE agenda across the World Bank. The main focus is to support the efforts of the Regions and GPs to ensure that not only the institutional commitment of 100% Beneficiary Feedback in the Bank’s investment lending is met, but that the focus on Citizen Engagement effectively translates in enhanced development impact.  Prior joining the World Bank, Nicolas has worked for the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Capital Development Fund and several international NGOs in South Asia, East Asia, Africa and Europe on similar themes.