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Noro Aina Andriamihaja, a Malagasy national, assumed her current position as Economist of the World Bank’s Madagascar Country Office from February 2006. In her current position, she is in charge of the economic monitoring of the economic situation of the country and any macro economic development especially the monitoring and evaluation of the Madagascar Action Plan. She is currently contributing to the current Country Economic Memorandum of Madagascar and is part of the PRSC team. She is also coordinating the activities of the joint donors budget support under the joint donor’s budget support framework in Madagascar, where the World Bank acts as a lead donor. Prior to joining the Bank, Noro served as Economist at the International Monetary Fund’s resident representative office in Madagascar for five years and worked as a regional Economist in an USAID financed Management of Environmental Support Project. Noro Aina Andriamihaja holds a Master of Economics degree in Macroeconomics from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.