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Paolo Verme

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Senior Poverty Specialist
Paolo Verme is Senior Poverty Specialist for North-Africa and the Middle-East at the World Bank. A Ph.D. graduate of the London School of Economics, he was Visiting Professor of Public Economics at Bocconi University in Milan (2004-2009) and contract Professor of Political Economy at the University of Turin (2003-2010) before joining the World Bank in 2010. He initiated his career as a volunteer for an NGO in Africa and has worked since as a consultant for the World Bank, European Union, UNDP, Unicef, ILO, Asian Development Bank and various other international and private organizations on more than sixty assignments on labor markets, poverty and social protection. During this period, he served as a senior advisor for Ministries of Labor and Social Protection designing, implementing and evaluating welfare reforms. His research covers labor markets, income distribution and the evaluation of welfare reforms and is published in international journals, books and reports. Paolo speaks fluently five languages and has worked, lived or traveled in over one hundred countries.