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Humanitarian Technology Expert

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Patrick Meier is an internationally recognized expert on Humanitarian Technology. His book, Digital Humanitarians, has been praised by experts at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, UN, Red Cross, World Bank, USAID and others. Over the past 15 years, Patrick has worked in dozens of countries on a wide range of humanitarian projects with multiple international organizations including the United Nations, Red Cross and World Bank. Patrick presently serves as the Executive Director of WeRobotics, which scales the positive impact of humanitarian aid, development and environmental projects through the use and localization of appropriate robotics solutions such as drones. He co-authored the most comprehensive report on  “Drones in Humanitarian Action: A Guide to the Use of Airborne Systems in Humanitarian Crises” and wrote the chapter on Humanitarian Drones in “Drones & Aerial Observation,” an important Primer published by the New America Foundation. Patrick also co-founded the Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN), the Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators) and CrisisMappers. He holds an MA from Columbia, a Pre-Doc from Stanford and a PhD from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. His influential and widely read blog iRevolutions has received close to 2 million hits. He tweets at @patrickmeier.