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Paul Procee

Program Leader, World Bank, Brazil

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Paul is an environmental engineer who joined the World Bank in 1999 and has been working in a wide range of projects and sectors. Between 2010 and 2015, he worked in the World Bank’s China office, where he managed a variety of urban infrastructure projects and became the program leader for China’s sustainable development portfolio. In December 2015, Paul joined the World Bank’s office in Brasilia and is currently the program leader for the infrastructure and sustainable development portfolio in Brazil. He is providing advice to the government on developing a more robust market for private sector investments and on the operation of infrastructure services. One of the key areas of engagement is working with the local, state and federal government in improving efficiency of public spending and attracting more private investments to different sectors through innovative finance mechanisms. He recently co-authored a summary report on “Back To Planning: How to Close Brazil's Infrastructure Gap in Times of Austerity”(English) (Portuguese), based on a series of studies on infrastructure governance and finance challenges in Brazil.