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Peter Hawkins

Senior Water & Sanitation Specialist

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Peter Hawkins is a member of the World Bank’s global urban sanitation team, with a focus on supporting projects in Africa.  He worked on sanitation at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from 1976-1981, including the characterization of pit latrine contents and studies on pit emptying.  In 1982 he moved to Mozambique as a volunteer, working on urban sanitation and drainage, and then worked for the next 23 years as a consultant, mostly in Africa, including long-term assignments managing sanitation projects in Tanzania (1984-1989) and Ghana (1997-2002), as well as working in the water and sanitation sector in various Latin American countries, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.  He returned to Mozambique in 2007 where he headed the WSP team until 2016, before moving into his current global role.