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Prabha Chandran

Editor, Huffington Post

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Prabha Chandran has been an editor with some of India’s leading newspapers and has written extensively on current affairs and socio-economic issues through the 1990s, pioneering several news publications both online and offline. 
Since 2002, Prabha has been working internationally mostly with the World Bank on a series of specialised communications projects.
She has worked closely with stakeholders and international media on large World Bank development projects based out of Hanoi, Belgrade, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Nairobi. Apart from her work in post disaster, post conflict areas, she  headed regional communications for the Center for People and Forests based in Bangkok from 2011-13.
Prabha divides her time between  Oslo and New Delhi where she continues to consult with the World Bank and works on bilateral Indo-Norwegian trade affairs. She writes a topical blog for Huffington Post.